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Magic Mushroom Slot Review

Magic Mushroom slot review

Magic Mushroom Game Details

RTP: 96.40%
Reels: 3
Paylines: 27
Jackpot: 540 x Stake
Progressive: No
Bonus Round: Yes
Free Spins: Yes
Auto Play Feature: Yes
Scatter Symbol: No

Where To Play Magic Mushroom

4 out of 5 stars
Intertops Casino
4.4 out of 5 stars
Slots Empire
4.3 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself getting tired with all the new Megaways slots that are being released today; games that are, often, over-complicated and have all of this theoretical win-potential but rarely showcase it.

That’s why, when games like Magic Mushroom get released I seem to have an automatic soft spot for them. The game I’ll be looking at in this Magic Mushroom slot review today is from a game developer called Realtime Gaming – RTG, as they’re most commonly known.

Magic Mushroom is quite different to most video slots you’ll find at mobile slots sites as it’s built around a 3X3 format; this means that there are just three reels and three rows. However, there are no paylines to worry about as the game uses a 27-ways-to-win mechanic.

This means that you don’t need to line up symbols on paylines like most old-school-designed games. Instead, simply matching a 3-of-a-kind combo – the symbol position is irrelevant – will create a win.

The game is themed heavily around fairies – a theme which I have seen quite a lot in the online gambling world, but it’s presented in a way which feels unique. It’s the kind of game I’d recommend to those looking for more of a relaxed slot gaming experience, and while the maximum win-potential is quite a bit lower than many of the games being released today, there’s some pretty decent win-potential on offer.

In this review, I’m going to give you a comprehensive rundown of Magic Mushroom, including how to play the game, what the maximum win is – and whether there are any bonus rounds or features to be aware of. Let’s kick things off with a look at how to actually play Magic Mushroom.

How To Play

Perhaps one of the things I like most about Magic Mushroom is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to play.

Magicmushroom slot win

You don’t need to search far and wide in order to access a variety of different stake options, and like many Realtime Gaming slot machines, choosing your bet – and actually starting to spin the reels – is made simple, thanks to an easy-to-use bet selection size menu. You’ll find yourself able to play through a range of stakes, betting as little as 0.20 credits per spin and as much as 100 credits.

Of course, as always, I should point out that the maximum bet amount is always casino-dependent; some choose to offer lower maximum bets, particularly smaller, independent casinos that want to limit their liability.

One feature which is well-worth pointing out is the autoplay function. This allows you to set up to 500 spins to play out automatically, and it’s a fantastic way to play the game without you needing to manually press every time you spin the reels.

You can choose to set off the autoplay with as little as 10 spins and as many as 500, and you can stop them at any time; it’s just a way of playing the game without having to click your mouse button on every spin.

Symbols and Payouts

It may sound like a pretty minor thing but one of the things I really like about Magic Mushroom is that the game doesn’t use generic playing card values, including 10, jack, queen, king, and ace, instead, opting to use theme-specific imagery. Not only does this make the slot quite a bit different from what you’re probably used to playing but it also ensures that there’s some variety.

When it comes to the lower-paying symbols you’ll find a Spool of Thread, a Mandolin, a Book and a Candle. These pay between 8X and 12X your stake for matching a 3-of-a-kind combo, so while they’re not symbols that’ll produce mega wins they can be balance boosters.

The mid-value symbols pay between 20X and 30X and include a Green Fairy, a Red Fairy and a Purple Fairy. Again, they’re not going to produce insane wins, but they can boost your balance.

The two highest paying symbols are the Orange and Blue Fairy. These pay 60X and 80X your stake respectively for matching a 3-of-a-kind combo, and this is where the game’s money is; especially if you’re lucky enough to land multiple symbols in view at once.

Remember, due to the fact that Magic Mushroom is an “all-ways-pays” slot you don’t need to worry about paylines, and this means that it’s possible to land more than one 3-of-a-kind combo of one symbol on a single spin.

Bonus Features

One of the reasons why I avoided talking about the wild symbol in the section above is that it forms part of a mini-feature, as such, that you’ll find when playing Magic Mushroom.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the game, and while it doesn’t apply a multiplier to the win (as you may expect from a relatively basic game like Magic Mushroom) it can help you in your quest to form 3-of-a-kind wins of the top-paying symbols.

Below, I’m also going to talk about the main attraction of playing Magic Mushroom; the Re-Spin feature.

Re-spin Feature

If you manage to land a full stack of the wild symbols on the third reel you’ll activate Magic Mushroom’s re-spin feature. This is where the majority of the game’s win-potential is found, and when triggered the middle reel – packed with wild symbols – will lock in place.

Magic Mushroom slot respin feature

You will then be awarded three free re-spins, meaning you don’t pay for these spins; they’re completely free. During the re-spins, the middle reel remains wild, and this means it’s significantly easier to form 3-of-a-kind wins of the top-paying symbols.

Once the three re-spins have been played out, you’ll then activate a “last chance” feature. This means that the re-spins actually continue for as long as you continue forming wins. Theoretically, it’s possible for the re-spin feature to continue indefinitely, and from my personal experience it’s quite common to end up getting 6-7 re-spins from a single feature.

Of course, you only need to match one of the top-two paying symbols once to secure a healthy win, so considering the basic nature of the game it’s actually one of the better features I’ve come across!

Jackpot and How To Win

Unfortunately, Magic Mushroom isn’t capable of dishing out those 1,000X+ hits so many players are looking for today. Why? Well, the game’s developer, Realtime Gaming has capped the maximum win at 540X your stake.

Magic Mushroom slot jackpot win

Of course, that’s still not half bad – a $2 bet, for example, would result in a maximum per-spin win of $1,080, and that’s not too bad for a medium-variance slot with just three reels.

As I always tell readers, there isn’t any way to improve your chances of winning – and pretty much the only thing you can do is give the slot a fair amount of time. This means not loading it up, playing 20 spins and then leaving.

Instead, consider giving it 1-200 spins; during that time you should be able to land the re-spin feature quite a few times, and if you manage to get on a hot run you may well find yourself walking away with a few 100X wins – a win amount that will suit the vast majority of players.


Magic Mushroom slot logo Today, all of Realtime Gaming’s slots are developed using HTML5 technology. This is a welcome move (particularly as Google announced that their Chrome browser will soon stop supporting Flash technology) and it also allows you to enjoy games from your mobile devices.

Magic Mushroom is no exception, and when I was putting this review together I was keen to test the slot out on a number of devices. I was pleased to see it running fine from my Android phone and my Apple iPad, and you don’t need to download or install any additional software.

Simply load the game up through your mobile’s internet browser and tilt your device into landscape mode and you’ll be able to start playing in a matter of seconds!


I know Magic Mushroom won’t be for everyone, and it’s not one of Realtime Gaming’s most popular (or successful) titles but the reason I wrote about it today is that I know many players are looking for something a bit different than the games we’re seeing flooding the iGaming marketplace today.

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Sure, you’re not going to hit 1,000X+ wins, but if you want something a bit more relaxed then Magic Mushroom is well-worth checking out.

Plus, it can dish out some pretty nice-sized wins too, so don’t let the 540X stake maximum win-potential put you off – it’s an amount that’s actually quite feasible and you may well find yourself walking away with a few hundred times your stake if you catch the slot on a lucky day!

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