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Football Betting Apps

football betting apps iconIt’s the world’s most played sport, so it won’t surprise you to learn that soccer is also the most popular one to bet on. But there’s no need to wander down to your high street bookie any more. These days, you can get all the odds in an instant, and get your bet placed in seconds via the many football betting apps on your Android or iPhone.

Of course, there are hundreds to choose from. Some are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent. So how do you know which is the right one to choose? That’s not a problem. Our expert team has tested them all, and we’re here to pass the results on to you.

In this article you will learn which betting sites are best for football punters. We are of course talking about the European definition (aka soccer) and not NFL. We’ll be looking at each mobile app from the point of view of a footie punter. So we’re looking at much more than just whether the app runs fast and is easy to use. You’ll also discover which special offers and features are available, which apps have them and which don’t.

Top 3 Football Betting Apps On Android & iOS


Great Offers

Unbeatable range of offers & promotions for football punters…

Open a Bet365 Account

  • Best Football Betting App
  • Fast, Well Designed and Easy To Use
  • Perfect For Live Betting
  • Fantastic Offers For New & Existing Customers
  • Watch Sport On The Move
  • Built In Sports Stats & Betting News

Hot on the heels come bet365 who also provide a fantastic all round sports betting app, which is particularly good for soccer. This is no surprise because, as you’ll see if you read our bet365 app review, they tend to do everything pretty well. True, they aren’t able to quite match Betfair in terms of prices, but everything else is absolutely spot on. They also have industry leading promotions for both new and existing customers, that other football betting sites simply can’t match.

We can’t go into full details of every current offer on the bet365 app here, simply because it would take too much time. But suffice to say, whether you bet on European soccer accumulators, first goalscorers, correct score, which players will be booked, HT/FT or just the outright result, there’s an offer there that you’ll find VERY useful. You can check their site for full details.

All of this is backed up by one of the best live betting apps on the market. It runs well, doesn’t slow down your phone, and is easy to navigate. If you want hundreds of betting opportunities, accessible within seconds, then this is the app for you. Try it, and you will not be disappointed.


Best Odds For Football

In-Play betting, live streaming. Plus more markets and better odds on soccer than anyone else…

Open a Betfair Account

  • Bigger Odds Than Any Bookie
  • Covers All Competitions Worldwide
  • Cash Out In Play
  • Watch Matches On Your Phone

There are many great things about the Betfair app, as you’ll see in our review. But probably their biggest strength is football betting. We have several semi pro punters on the review team here, and they all use Betfair for the majority of bets they place.

There are loads of advantages to using this app. You get better prices due to the way the sportsbook integrates with the exchange. You don’t especially need to know the technicalities behind how this works. What matters is the end result, which is better odds on football than anywhere else.

That alone would probably be enough to open an account, but in fact that’s just the start. The service is excellent. They have markets for every league, cup or even friendly match in the UK, Europe or anywhere around the world. Literally any game you could possibly want to bet on is covered.

Most users will also appreciate the cashout feature. You can choose to settle all or just part of your bet at any point during the game, either taking your profit or reducing your downside if things aren’t going to plan. There’s also high definition video streams so you can watch a whole range of high profile matches. So you can watch the game on your phone to see how things are going, before you plan your next move.

The only downside is that if you want to use both the exchange and the normal sportsbook, you have to download a separate mobile app for each one. You can still use the same account on both though. However, most people tend to prefer one or the other so it’s really not much of an issue.

Overall, Betfair have one of the best football betting apps in the business. They’re equally good on Android and iOS. So if you’re serious about making a profit, this has to be on your download list.

William Hill

Soild Betting App

A good solid app from a well known name. Not as good as bet365, but does the job.

Open a William Hill Account

  • Plenty of betting markets
  • Good for accumulators
  • Price boosts

William Hill offer a good, solid app backed up by a well known and trusted brand. They’re definitely not my favourite mobile bookie and it’s not the best football app, but it’s good enough. If you already have accounts with the other two companies listed above, and you’re looking for another just for variety and odds comparison, then William Hill is a decent choice.

The apps work very nicely on Android and iPhone devices, and there’s a great new player offer at the moment as well. So if you fancy trying something a bit different, then you could do a lot worse.

How To Choose The Best Betting App For Football

There are many superb features available to punters who bet on soccer via their phone. In the list above, we’ve described some of these and pointed out which apps have them. We used the availability of these features (or lack thereof) as one of the criteria to decide which mobile betting apps to recommend.

In this section, we’re going to tell you more about what some of these features are, and how they can help you.

Best Odds

When we place a wager, it’s normally for two reasons: we want to have fun, and we want to make a profit. That’s why getting the best odds is so important. The only way to make a profit over the long term is to make sure you get the best available price on each bet you place.

It is true that the prices you get online or via your phone are usually much better than you’d get on the high street. This is one of the reason why people have moved away from them in favour of betting online. However, despite what some people might have you believe, all online bookies odds are not the same.

So while the prices are related to the bookie and not the actual mobile app itself, this is certainly a factor that we used when evaluating the recommendations above. You’ll see we have made reference to odds/prices several times, because it’s that important. You have a choice, so don’t accept second best. If you do, you’re literally handing money to the bookie, and no punter ever wants to do that!

In Play Betting

One of the main advantages of using sports betting apps is speed. When you have access to all the latest odds, updated in real time, from anywhere, right in the palm of your hand, you get a massive advantage over traditional punters. Not only can you get your bets on quickly, you can also react to situations during the match and get extra opportunities to profit.

That’s why in-play betting is vital for mobile users. You need your app to give you a choice of live betting markets. The prices need to update fast, and bet placement must be easy, fast and efficient.

We tested the apps on a range of different scenarios and made sure that every one we recommend performed consistently well in all these areas. If any showed up as being slow or unreliable, they simply didn’t make the cut.

Choice Of Markets

woman using a betting app on a smart phoneSomething else that is very important to punters these days is choice. Online football betting opened up a fantastic new way to bet on more markets and more matches than we ever thought possible before. Now, we have access to this incredible technology that gives us all the latest odds at our fingertips.

But what use is that if the app you’re using only has a handful of betting options? Yes the Premier League is the major competition in terms of popularity in the United Kingdom, but what about matches in Europe or worldwide?

These days a bookmaker can’t get away with only concentrating on the Premier League. If they did, not only would you soon get bored, but you’d be missing out on so many opportunities in games being played all around the world.

The apps we recommend give you the choice you need. If they didn’t, they’d be off the list before they know what hit them. So by choosing one of the products above, you’ll get access to the latest prices in real time, on every market you could possibly want.

Cash Out

We talked about the advantages of in-play betting above. But it’s not just about being able to get your bets on during the match. There’s also the option to close your position at any time. With cash out, you can get out of a bet early, either locking in a guaranteed profit if your selection is winning, or saving some of your stake if things are going against you.

Let’s say you’ve backed a team and they’re winning, but the opponents are pressing hard for an equaliser. In the past you’d have to wait nervously until the end of the match and hope things went your way. But not any more! These days, you can decide to cash out your bet in-play, and lock in a guaranteed profit before the match finishes.

Alternatively, if things aren’t going so well, you can use the same feature to make sure you don’t lose all your stake. Perhaps your team’s star striker looks like he’s picked up an injury. Without him, you don’t think they have much of a chance. Again, in the past you’d be left high and dry, but if things went against you, you’d lose your stake. Now you can close out for a much smaller loss, and get some or most of your money back.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can use cash out in play to maximise your returns from sports betting. It’s such a vital part of the whole process these days that no decent app should be without it.

But just having this feature isn’t enough, it also needs to work properly. The function needs to be easily accessible, fast and reliable. So that when you hit the button, you’re confident that the software will carry out your instructions straight away.

Not all mobile bookies have cash out at all, and you can find a complete list of those that do here. Also, some do it so badly they may as well not bother. Rest assured though, that the bookies we have recommended above DO all have a fast, stable and reliable cash out feature.

Live Streaming

watching live streaming on a mobile deviceThere aren’t many soccer matches shown on terrestrial TV any more. These days the likes of Sky Sports and BT have bought up the rights to pretty much every match you’d ever be interested in watching. We’re not just talking about the domestic leagues, they’ve also got all the other top European leagues, plus Champions League, Europa League and even friendlies.

So basically, if you want to watch any televised football these days, you’re going to need to pay a subscription. Unless, that is, you have an account with the right bookie. Because thanks to their video streaming services, you can watch football on your phone, tablet or PC for free!

We’re not just talking about obscure matches from leagues that nobody wants to watch. These are big games available, including matches from England, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Often these are the same games that the subscription channels are showing. The only difference is that there’s no subscription to pay!

This is obviously a massive extra feature that can save you hundreds of pounds a year in charges. But there’s an added bonus too. Being able to watch so many games means you can potentially get loads of extra profitable betting opportunities.

You can see a list of all the bookies that have live streaming here. There’s usually a choice of different sports to watch, but obviously in this guide we’re only concentrating on soccer. The availability and quality of free football streams was a definite factor in compiling the selection of recommended apps above.

In our opinion, bet365 has by far the best betting apps when it comes to watching live soccer. This was one of the reasons we’ve rated it so highly. So if this is something that’s important to you, then this is the account you should definitely have.

Free Bets

Before you download any of the apps, you’ll need to open an account with the bookie. So when you do that, there’s no better way to get started than with a nice big welcome bonus. This normally comes as a free bet or deposit bonus for new customers, which you can use on any football betting market you choose. It’s always nice to get a win from using the bookmaker’s money!

Whilst the promise of free bets isn’t a major factor in our rankings, it is something we considered. For example, we wouldn’t recommend a particular site just because they give you a big free bet or first deposit bonus, if everything else was sub standard. However, it’s definitely nice to have, especially if you also get regular bonuses and promotions that can help you make extra profit on a weekly basis.

So for that reason, we’ve made a point of mentioning those sites that have particularly generous free bets and bonuses.

Betting Tips

You won’t find this feature at every bookmaker, but some of the sports betting apps do include tips and predictions as part of the service. These might be football tips, or they might cover other sports including tennis or golf as well. Some people might ask why they would want to give out tips, given that they don’t really want you to win. However, often the advice given comes from independent third party sources, rather than from the bookies themselves.

We have not tested the current success rate or ROI of these tipsters, so we can’t advise that you simply follow them blindly. However, you can certainly read what they have to say, and use them as an extra point of reference to help decide on a bet you were considering placing anyway. When used in that way, they can be a handy extra feature to have.


This concludes our guide to the best betting apps for football, and we hope you have found it useful. We’ve given you a list of those apps that scored especially highly in our tests, and these are the ones we are able to recommend without hesitation. We then took a more detailed look at the criteria we used, so that you can check and judge for yourself which features are most important for you.

Remember, don’t bother searching Google Play or App Store – there’s a better way! All of the mobile apps can be installed directly from the bookmaker’s website after you’ve opened your account. Just sign up via your phone’s browser and you’ll see the download link.

So whichever app you decide on, you can be confident of one thing. If you can see an application listed in our recommendations above, you can be assured of a top class soccer betting experience.

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Last Updated on June 29, 2020