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Mobile Betting Sites With Live Streaming

You can now watch live streaming on your phone, through several of the leading mobile betting sites! This gives you the opportunity to watch sport on the move, and get involved with some in-play betting at the same time. Gone are the days of having to rush to find a TV in time for kick off. Now you can just watch all the action unfold in the palm of your hand!

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what live streaming is, how it works and the best place to get it.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites On Mobile

#1 For Live Streaming

For the highest quality pictures, most reliable service and best choice of sporting events to watch, we recommend bet365. Our team tested all the leading bookie’s apps and the decision was unanimous. The live streaming service at bet365 beats the others hands down.

Open a Bet365 Account

The sheer choice of live streams here is beyond anything that other online bookmakers can offer. You’ll be able to watch live football, horse racing, greyhound races, tennis, snooker, basketball, table tennis, volleyball and much more. Your only challenge will be finding the time to watch them all – but that’s a nice problem to have!

All you need to do is open an account. Then you’ll be able to download the app, or watch through the website. You need to make a deposit, as a funded account is required to access the bet365 live streaming service. You’ll then get access to this fantastic service which could change the way you watch sports forever.

This is by far the best live streaming selection offered by any online bookmaker in 2023. I currently watch all my horse racing via the bet365 app. Click the button above to get started. New customers can claim a welcome bonus as well!

#Ad – We may receive commission from links on this page. This does not and never will influence our recommendations.

Which Other Mobile Betting Sites Offer Live Streaming?

live streaming logo The following mobile bookies offer live betting, live streaming and much more on your mobile. You’ll get a variety of live streams including UK & Irish horse racing, football, greyhound racing, tennis, rugby union, ice hockey and many more.

Be sure to visit each bookie’s website to see today’s schedule. You can always open an account with more than one bookmaker to increase the choice of events that you can watch.

blank QuinnBet
4.4 out of 5 stars
blank William Hill
3.1 out of 5 stars
blank Paddy Power
2.8 out of 5 stars

There may be other online bookmakers with live streaming as well. However, we only list the best betting sites which we personally recommend and use ourselves. Therefore if a site isn’t listed above, it’s probably because we don’t recommend them.

Stay safe and try to avoid any betting sites that aren’t listed on this page. You’ll find they have all the sports streams you’ll ever need!

What Are Live Streams And How Do I Watch Them?

Live streaming is a name for the technology that lets you watch live sports on your PC, mobile or tablet.

You can use wi-fi or your data allowance to connect and view the live streams direct to your mobile device. This means you can watch your favourite sports on the go, from wherever you are.

Many of the best betting sites have been offering live sports streaming in fast, reliable HD to their desktop customers for several years now. However, these days technology has moved on and most people want to have the option to watch TV on the move. But it is only recently that the service has been made available to mobile users as well.

We’ll talk a little bit more about the technical requirements later on. But basically if you have any modern smartphone, just sign up with any of the online bookmakers listed on this page, you’ll be good to go. You can start watching live streams on your phone today.

What Sports Can I Watch?

You’ll find hundreds of live events every single day, covering a wide variety of sports. These include:

  • Football – You’ll find a huge choice of football matches from the top European leagues and worldwide. This includes La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, J League, Brazilian league and much more. Unfortunately you won’t see English Premier League matches, because the licensing for this doesn’t allow the bookmakers to broadcast live streams. But you’ll certainly find no shortage of top class football streaming action from around the world.
  • Horse Racing – Most of the best betting sites listed above will offer live streams of UK & Irish racing. The likes of William Hill and Paddy Power all do this. Some also offer races from around the world including USA, South Africa, Australia and more. In some cases you need to place a bet to watch the race, but at bet365 you only need a funded account (i.e. a positive account balance).
  • Greyhound Racing – You’ll get all the UK meetings, including BAGS races, streamed direct to your phone. There’s no need to go to the bookies any more!
  • Tennis – Catch live streams of ATP and WTA tour events from all around the world, including the grand slams. Tennis is a great sport for in play bets so why not watch the action at the same time.
  • Snooker – This is a perfect sport to bet on in-play, as the relatively slow nature of the action gives you plenty of time to make a decision and get your bet on. So it’s no surprise that several of the best online bookmakers live stream a choice of matches from all the biggest tournaments.
  • Basketball – You’ll find plenty of options here, including NBA, European and world leagues.

How To Watch Sport On Your Phone

To watch your favourite sports on your mobile, you firstly need to sign up with one or more of the bookmakers listed in the table above. If you join more than one online bookmaker, you will have a greater choice of sports streams to watch – and you can also claim the free bets at each one if you’re a new customer.

You don’t necessarily need to download anything in order to watch your choice of live streams. The best live streaming betting sites are available through your mobile browser, which is already installed on all Android and iOS mobile devices.

So all you need to do is open an account so you can log into the website.

Technical Requirements

Most live streams are available via the bookies apps on iPhone, Android and iPad. You will be able to download the apps as soon as your account is open.

In cases where the live streams aren’t available through the app, you can also watch your chosen sports events by just logging in to the bookie’s mobile site. You’ll use the same username and password to do this. There are no particular system requirements to worry about when you watch via the mobile betting sites. As long as your phone is reasonably modern (say 5 years old or less) and your operating system is up to date, you’ll have no problems watching live sport on your device.

As we mentioned before, many of the streams are now available in HD. Trust us, you can really see the difference! Once most people have watched HD, they never want to go back.

Internet Connection

Because live streams tend to have a reasonably high data use, you’ll get a much better user experience when you use a wifi broadband connection as opposed to your network data. Or at least until 5G is available anyway.

That’s not to say it won’t work over 4G, because often you can get perfectly good results that way. But in some areas where the connection isn’t too good, you may notice a lag over 4G.

As I mentioned earlier, I personally live stream horse racing to my Android every afternoon in the UK. I use a broadband connection when it’s available, but when I’m out of range I watch live streams over 4G and I never have any issues with regards to speed or picture quality, unless I’m in a very remote area.

Time Delay

It is true that when you watch a live stream, be it via an online bookmaker or anywhere else, there will always be a time delay. What this means is that the pictures you’re watching aren’t exactly live, they are delayed by a few seconds. This is because the data has to be transmitted from wherever the sports events are taking place, to a central server, and from there to your phone, tablet or laptop.

There is actually some delay no matter what method you’re using to watch sports. Even if you’re watching Premier League football on cable TV, the picture you’re seeing will always be a few seconds behind real time.

In some cases, mobile and online bookmakers with live streaming may choose to delay the pictures even further. This can be deliberate, to give their odds compilers chance to see the pictures first. That means they can suspend a market if a goal is scored, for example.

If you’re familiar with live betting, you’ll know that most betting sites already add a delay on in-play bet placement. This varies between different sites, but it can be as much as ten seconds. The likes of Betfair, Paddy Power and William hill all do this, and the reason is the same – they need their odds compilers to be able to react to any major event.

For this reason, it is not recommended that you rely on online bookmakers live streams to make spur of the moment sports betting decisions. For this type of strategy, the only way to gain an edge is to be at the event in person. Clearly that isn’t practical for most people.

Live Streaming Betting Strategy

Live streams are still really useful for online betting, but you need to use a different approach. Being able to watch a live stream still gives you a significant advantage over people who can’t. This gives some interesting possibilities for developing a live streaming strategy than you can use at an online bookmaker, or betting exchange.

For example, with live streaming you’ll be able to see if a football team is getting tired and retreating back towards their own goal. You can judge the position of the balls on a snooker table to see if a player is likely to be able to make a big break. Or judge whether a tennis player is starting to make a lot of mistakes.

Use the live streams this way, and you’ll be able to gain an advantage over other punters and online bookmakers.

Likewise, live horse racing streaming is a popular way to watch the race after you’ve bet on it and hopefully cheer your horse home. But it shouldn’t be used to try to bet in play, except for the longer national hunt races. If you try it on a sprint, the race will be over by the time you’ve managed to get your bet placed.

Other Requirements

Most bookmakers with live streaming will require you to have a positive balance in your account before you can watch the live streams on their app or website. So just make sure you have deposited some money.

You don’t necessarily have to bet to watch the live stream, although a small £1 bet may be required by certain bookmakers, or to watch some premium events.

The betting apps make it very easy for sports fans to switch between the stream and the live odds, which means that betting in-play while you’re watching is quick and easy. So why not give it a try today? Click on any of the links or buttons above and join up with one of the bookies. Enjoy their free bets, and let their live streaming services tak your mobile betting to the next level!

David Graham

Last Updated on October 3, 2022