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Can Live Blackjack Dealers Hear You? (Your Privacy Matters!)

Can Online Live Blackjack Dealers Hear You

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re playing a live blackjack game and we get a bad hand. We mutter to ourselves in frustration, wondering if the live dealer can hear us.

Well, the answer is No! Live blackjack dealers can’t hear you. So anything you say behind the computer when playing digital blackjack games will go unheard.

However, if you do want to be able to voice chat with the dealer, some live online casinos now include a feature that allows voice chat. But only if you turn it on.

How Do You Talk To Live Dealers?

The excitement of talking to real-life dealers while playing live dealer games has become more popular and accessible over the past few years. Chatting with a live dealer is a great way to interact with real people who know the ins and outs of their particular game.

Online blackjack sites allow you to chat with the live dealer and other players using live text chat as standard – nobody including the real dealer, casino staff, or other players can hear you.

As I mentioned above, depending on the online gambling sites you use, other options for communication, such as optional voice chat, and/or public/private messages may be available as well.

Live Chat

Live text chat allows you to type and chat with the dealer. Your messages are displayed in the studio and the dealer will respond to you verbally!

All players can hear the answers. The dealer cannot see or hear you. So anything you say whilst playing stays within your own four walls.

Optional Voice Chat

With the increased speed of data transmission over wifi or mobile data, live voice chat via VOIP is now supported by certain casino games.

The voice chat casino software allows for audio chat between players and real casino croupiers in certain situations. If you want to remain silent you’ll be pleased to know that this audio chat feature is optional and must be activated.

Most casino software does not allow online casinos to offer the voice chat feature yet. A live dealer casino wanting to offer the function needs to have invested in special iGaming blackjack software.

How To Activate Voice Chat

If you’re at playing at one of the live dealer casinos that offers voice chat, and you want to have the blackjack dealers hear you, it’s usually quite easy to turn on. You will likely be given the option to ‘Enable Voice Chat’ when you log in or you will find the icon to activate it within the chat box.

Keep in mind that all other players in the game will be able to hear your conversations with the dealer and each other. So it’s important to be respectful and courteous when using this feature.

How Can You Ensure Your Conversations Remain Private?

If the online casino you use offers voice chat and you wish to ensure that your conversations remain private while playing live blackjack casino games, make sure to double-check the settings.

Check that the audio chat feature is disabled – this will ensure that no one can hear you. Also, it’s a good idea to turn your microphone off.

Which Casinos Offer Live Voice Chat?

At the time of writing, there’s only a handful of live dealer casinos that offer live voice chat.

These casinos are all licensed and regulated by the relevant gambling authorities so you can rest assured any conversations you have with their dealers will be kept strictly confidential – they’ll never be passed on to third parties or shared publicly.

Why Can’t Dealers Automatically Hear Players?

The main reason why there’s no voice chat at live blackjack tables is to ensure privacy and anonymity. It would be difficult for a casino to protect the identity of its players if they could be heard by the dealer or other players.

Players can feel secure in the privacy of their own homes, without worrying about the dealer hearing anything that they might say whilst at the casino table.

The casino is also protected – there could be legal implications if a dealer was able to hear conversations between players, especially if they inadvertently tried to share their private information (such as credit card numbers).

In addition, live dealer blackjack games have been designed to move at a certain pace. Allowing players to talk with the dealer would slow down the game. This could be especially problematic in live dealer games that include multiple players simultaneously.

Live Casino Blackjack Etiquette

As with any online game, there are some basic etiquette rules that need to be followed when playing a live blackjack dealer game. Remember to remain courteous and polite at all times – no swearing, derogatory comments, or offensive language should be used when communicating with the dealer or other players in text or voice chat.

It’s also important to keep conversations short and to the point. Long conversations with the dealer will slow down the game, potentially disrupting other players and slowing down the flow of play.

Finally, it’s essential to remain focused on the game at all times – don’t get distracted by having side conversations with other players as this can lead to mistakes being made which could have serious consequences for your bankroll.

In Conclusion

Live blackjack dealers cannot hear you, which offers you and other players increased privacy and anonymity while enjoying your live blackjack dealer titles.

However, depending on the software employed by the live casino, there may be an option to turn on voice chat, so if you don’t want to be heard you need to ensure that it is not turned on.

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

David Graham
Posted in Live Dealer

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