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Frog Fortunes Slot Review

frog fortunes slot review

Frog Fortunes Game Details

RTP: 97.50%
Reels: 5
Paylines: 243
Jackpot: 150 x Stake
Progressive: No
Bonus Round: No
Free Spins: No
Auto Play Feature: Yes
Scatter Symbol: No

Frog Fortunes is a fairly new video slot from Realtime Gaming, and while it hasn’t achieved the same levels of commercial success as some of their other games, it’s actually a fairly well-made and enjoyable slot – despite featuring a relatively low maximum win of just 150X per spin, and despite the fact that there are no progressive jackpots attached.

As you can probably tell from the name of the slot, Frog Fortunes is based loosely around Frogs – and theme-aside, the first thing I want to draw your attention to is the layout of the game. Unlike conventional video slots, Frog Fortunes is built around quite a strange-looking grid format, and you’ll notice that each reel has three symbols – but they appear in different heights, with the way the reels spinning even being quite different from most video slots.

You can play Frog Fortunes from as little as 0.20 credits per spin, and depending on where you choose to play, you can wager as much as 500 credits per spin on the slot, so there’s a huge selection of betting options available to you.

I should also point out that while the game’s default RTP is 97.5%, Realtime Gaming does offer it in a number of different RTP settings, meaning some online casinos can offer the game with an RTP as low as 91%. I highly recommend you check with the casino you’re playing at to ensure you’re playing on one of the higher-RTP machines, as this does have quite an impact on your gameplay.

How To Play

One of my favourite things about playing Realtime Gaming’s new slots is that they all have a really easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface. Frog Fortunes is no exception to this rule, and from the moment you first load up the game you’ll notice that there’s a few options available to you.

In the bottom left-hand-corner of the screen you’ll see your total account balance – and just to the right-hand-side of this you’ll see your total bet size. In order to change your bet amount, you simply need to hit the + or – button (found either side of the giant spin button), and doing so will change the amount of your bet. Once you’ve selected the bet size you’re comfortable with, it’s simply a question of hitting the spin button, and the game’s next round will play out.

Now, like virtually all of Realtime Gaming’s slots, Frog Fortunes also features an autoplay function. This allows you to set up to 500 spins to play-out automatically, without needing to manually press the spin button each time. You can also opt to set a loss/win limit, which will disable the autoplay function if and when met.

Some versions of Frog Fortunes also offer a “quickspin” mode, which reduces the time it takes between spins. However, this isn’t offered at all online casinos, and it’s up to the site in question to choose whether or not to offer this as an in-game option. 

Symbols and Payouts

Realtime Gaming has done a fantastic job with designing and developing the symbols that you’ll find inside Frog Fortunes. They all look great, and they certainly have their place within the game – and, as you’ll soon see, there’s also some fairly decent win-potential, especially with the slot’s higher-paying icons.

The lower-paying symbols are all represented by gemstones – and these come in a variety of colours. To be fair, these gemstone symbols aren’t worth a massive amount of money, even for 5-of-a-kind combos, but if you land enough of them they can start to add up.

The game’s higher-paying symbols are all theme-specific, and they include Eagles, Reptiles, Mammals, and, of course, Frogs. There’s also a feature symbol, which takes the form of an Exploding Bomb. I’ll be talking more about what this Bomb does – and how it impacts gameplay – in the following section of this review, but I’ll point out now that it is the key to triggering the game’s sole bonus feature.

Bonus Features

There’s a few things going on in Frog Fortunes in the way of bonuses and features, and the first thing I’d like to draw your attention to is the Exploding Bomb bonus. This is a randomly triggering bonus that occurs within the base-game, and when the Bomb symbol lands in view on the reels, it will randomly explode in one of ten different Blast Patterns. 

One symbol will then be chosen at random to fill all of the new empty positions, and if, after this is complete, any wins are formed, the “Cascading Reels” mechanic will then trigger, with all the winning symbols disappearing off the reels with new ones dropping down to take their place.

Unfortunately, I was a little surprised to see that Frog Fortunes doesn’t offer anything else in the way of bonuses and features – and this means you won’t come across any free spins or “pick me bonus” rounds. While this is a shame, I should point out that Frog Fortunes is designed more around being a low-variance, chilled-out slot as opposed to one that’s packed to the brim with bonuses and features.

I also found that the Exploding Bomb Bonus seems to trigger quite frequently – and while it doesn’t always result in a win, it’s nice that you don’t have to wait around for too long to begin seeing the game’s action coming out!

Jackpot and How To Win

I’ll be completely honest; I was shocked to see that the maximum amount of money you can win – per spin – while playing Frog Fortunes is just 150X your stake. That’s an incredibly low amount of money, especially in today’s ultra-competitive iGaming industry where we’re used to seeing video slots more than capable of dishing out wins worth upwards of 25,000X stake.

There aren’t many mobile slots arround these days where $80 would be considered a “Big Win” anyway. Yet here we are.

big win on frog fortunes mobile slot

I can’t think of any logical reason why Realtime Gaming would choose to cap the maximum win so low – and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially when they’re pitting themselves against some of the biggest software providers on the planet by attempting to hold their market share in the US.

Winning the ‘jackpot’ in Frog Fortunes shouldn’t prove too hard, either – and while, during my testing of the game, I wasn’t able to hit it – I’ve seen countless screenshots of players managing to do so – so I suppose it’s a game that lends itself well to players who don’t care so much about big wins, instead, preferring to relax and enjoy a low variance machine that dishes out frequent, small wins.


frog fortunes slot logo Realtime Gaming don’t have the best track-record when it comes to mobile-optimized gaming, and it took them quite a few years to catch up with other industry leaders like NetEnt and Quickspin; indeed, many Realtime Gaming slots are still offered via Flash, despite the technology now being all-but redundant.

Thankfully, Frog Fortunes is mobile-optimized, so you will be able to play it from your mobile devices – but, if I’m completely honest, if you’re able to do so, I’d recommend playing the slot from a desktop computer or laptop as I feel this will provide you with the best playing experience.

While the mobile-optimized version of the game does run ok across most mobile devices – it’s just not quite up to scratch, and I really do feel as though the game developer need to invest more time and money into building out their mobile gaming infrastructure if they want to be seen as a potential market leader in the mobile gambling market.


Frog Fortunes may not be the best creation I’ve ever seen from Realtime Gaming, but it’s a slot that I feel many players may want to consider – and that’s thanks to the fun, action-packed nature of the game.

Sure, the game is pretty laid-back, and there’s not a huge amount going on within the base-game – but the visuals, animations and sound effects make for an interesting playing experience, and I love the fact that there’s some innovative bonuses and features built into the slot – something I’m seeing become increasingly popular in today’s fast-paced and competitive iGaming industry.

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Unfortunately, despite some great-looking graphics and relatively entertaining gameplay, I just can’t quite believe the software provider has capped the maximum win at 150X per spin. This seems insanely low, and it beggars belief as to how Realtime Gaming think that they can seriously take on big-name game developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and Pragmatic Play with such a low win cap. It’s sure to turn a huge number of players off playing, and it’s a stunningly low maximum win when you think about it.

That being said, if you’re not necessarily looking for big wins – and are more than happy to sit back, relax, and enjoy some low variance, chilled out slotting action, then Frog Fortunes could be a game worth checking out – but don’t expect to find yourself walking away with any of those life-changing hits we’ve become somewhat used to seeing in many of the video slots released over the past few years.

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