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MyBookie Prop Builder: How to Make Custom Player Bets

MyBookie prop builder

MyBookie Prop Builder is an innovative tool that allows sports bettors to create and customize their own prop bets.

With this powerful platform, you can create custom bets on virtually any sporting event. It’s fast and easy – no more searching for hours to find the bets you need. You’ll now have the ability to bet on outcomes that were simply not possible before, and that cannot be found at most other online betting sites.

This guide will provide an overview of the features available within MyBookie Prop Builder as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use it effectively in 2023.

Be warned though – the power of this tool is incredible, so prepare to be blown away…

What is the MyBookie Props Builder?

MyBookie Player Props Builder is a new tool available to all MyBookie Sportsbook and Casino users that allows you to create and customize your own prop bets for any sporting event.

For those who don’t know, a prop or “proposition” bet is a bet on something other than the outcome of the game.

You can have team prop bets such as First Team to Score or Under/Over a certain number of points. There are also player prop bets such as how many strikes a pitcher will get, or how many points a player will score.

The MyBookie Props Builder gives you access to a huge range of team and player props, and you can also combine them into parlays.

The tool features thousands of props across all major sports leagues, allowing you to build up custom parlays with ease and add money line options in seconds. Plus, MyBookie Prop Builder provides detailed player statistics so you can analyze the best bet based on recent form.

What are the benefits of using MyBookie Player Props Builder?

  • Easy to use for both beginners and seasoned bettors
  • Quickly create and customize prop bets for any sporting event
  • Thousands of props available across all major sports leagues
  • Access detailed analytics about each bet to help make informed decisions
  • Build up custom parlays across multiple events and even add money line options

The tool is not unique to MyBookie. It is powered by PropKingz software and similar offerings can be found at some other offshore betting sites.

The difference here is that it can be combined with MyBookie’s promo offers and an already wide choice of betting lines to offer the ultimate in choice and rewards.

How to Use Prop Builder to Make Custom Bets

MyBookie Prop Builder is easy to use and takes just a few steps to create custom bets.

To access the tool, select Sportsbook from the top menu and then Props from the submenu underneath.

my bookie props menu

At the top of the Props Builder tool, you will see a list of all the sports you can bet on.

You can navigate through any sport and event you like and continue to add the bets you like to your bet slip. There is always a chance to review these before you actually commit to your wager, and it’s easy to remove any if you change your mind.

prop builder screen at MyBookie

In terms of player props, the choice is huge. These bets generally come in three main types:


This is a bet on a single player’s performance during the game against your chosen metric. For example, you may want to bet that Kevin Durant scores more (or less) than 29.5 points during the game.


An H2H or head-to-head bet is a bet on a particular player to outperform another in your chosen metric. For example, you may want to bet on Patrick Mahomes to throw more TD passes than Tom Brady.


A combined bet is a bet that two players of your choice will achieve (or not achieve) a particular statistical total during the game. For example, you might predict that Messi and Mbappe will score more than 3 goals between them.

Any of these bet types, or a combination of as many as you like, can be selected to make the ultimate custom wager.

Once you have chosen the props you want, it’s time to move over to the bet slip where you can review your choices, select your stakes and create any parlays.

Bet Slip Options

Your bet slip will open as soon as you make any prop bet selection, but you can continue to add more selections which will minimize it again. If the bet slip is not open when you have finished, simply click or tap on the “Bet Slip” button at the top of the props builder.

At this point, you can choose the size of your wager. If you are placing one or more props as single bets, you can enter the individual stake for each wager in the bet slip, and then click on the “Place Bets” button at the bottom when you are happy.

You will need to have sufficient funds in your account to cover the stakes on all bets.

You also have the option to create a parlay from all the props that you have selected.

How to Parlay Props on MyBookie

MyBookie prop builder parlay

When you add two or more props to your bet slip, you will have the option to create a parlay from a combination of all selections.

Note that for this to work, it must be fundamentally possible for your selections to be combined. They cannot be mutually exclusive – for example, if you pick two different players to score the first point, then this cannot happen, so the parlay option will not show.

The bet slip will show the odds of your parlay, which will be the equivalent of the combined odds of all the individual props you have chosen. You can then enter your parlay stake in the box at the top, at which point you will also see your potential return if the parlay wins.

If you’re happy, click the Place Bets button at the bottom.

You do not have to also bet on the singles if you are creating a parlay. It can be placed individually, or at the same time as one or more singles if you prefer.

Prop Builder on Mobile

The tool works just the same on desktop or laptop computers as it does on mobile.

The entire site is mobile responsive and displays well on the small screen, so you will have no problems navigating if you are placing your wagers on the go.

MyBookie custom prop builder on mobile and tablet

The player props builder is just one of the betting features on offer at MyBookie. If you do not already have an account, you may be interested to find out more about them before you join.

Our trusted MyBookie Review has full details about MyBookie on mobile, and all aspects of their casino and sports betting service including banking options, withdrawal times, licensing, security and bonuses.

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Last Updated on January 5, 2023

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