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Best Offshore Sportsbooks & Betting Sites for US Players

offshore sportsbooks icon In 2023, offshore betting sites are continuing to grow in popularity around the world. They are especially suitable for US players who want to enjoy online sports betting without the hassle.

But are offshore gambling sites legal? How do you know which sites are safe to use, have a great reputation, and will give you the best deal? How can you be sure they’ll pay out when you win, and keep your information secure?

You’ll learn all that and more today in our complete guide to the best offshore sportsbooks.

Top Offshore Sportsbooks For US Players

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What Is Offshore Betting?

The term “offshore betting” usually refers to a wager that is placed in a country other than that in which the bettor usually lives. In real terms, if you live in a country such as the United States, Canada or Australia, you can wager at sports betting sites that are located abroad. Popular locations include San Jose in Costa Rica, Panama or Antigua.

Offshore sportsbooks have been around for more than 20 years. The market is reputedly worth over $100 billion of sports bets per year, and has millions of players around the world.

Advantages of Betting At Offshore Bookmakers

Approved tick icon Using an offshore gambling site gives you access to a range of sports betting options that might not otherwise be available to you due to local legislation which may not allow online betting sites to operate from within your own country.

However, even if there are sportsbooks in your country, there may still be other benefits of using an online sportsbook or casino site instead.

  • Speed And Convenience – With an online sportsbook, bettors can view lines and place bets on hundreds of sporting events within seconds. Since all sportsbooks have mobile sites, all this can be done from the palm of your hand, whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Live Betting – the ability to wager on a sporting event when it’s in-play is something you typically only get at online gambling sites. This feature really takes sports betting to the next level.
  • Safety & Security – Just because a sportsbook is located offshore, doesn’t mean it’s not safe. The best sportsbooks (as listed above) have developed an excellent track record for security over many years, giving bettors 100% confidence.
  • Best Odds – It is well known that betting sites in the USA offer better odds than land-based ones, due to the lower overheads. Savvy bettors know that you need to bet on sports online if you want the best odds every time.
  • Deposit Options – A range of deposit options and payment methods available at online sportsbooks allow you to deposit and wager instantly, and withdraw your winnings faster than ever.
  • Welcome Bonus – Unlike traditional sportsbooks, most online betting sites offer bonuses for new customers when you join, and regular promotions for their existing players too.
  • Betting Limits – The top sportsbooks have high betting limits, making them ideal for sports bettors of all types, from small players to high rollers.

The best online sportsbooks offer all these benefits and more, making them a very popular choice with players.

Is Offshore Betting Safe?

betting app safety Before you join an offshore sportsbook, one of the first things you’ll want to know is whether it is a safe place to bet. When you sign up with any betting site, you’re trusting them to look after both your personal data and your money, and also to pay out when you win.

I’ll level with you here – because this is important. Not every offshore sportsbook is safe. There are plenty around that are not legit, so it’s really important to make an informed choice. That’s precisely why I wanted to create this guide, to help bettors just like you.

At Mobile Betting Site, we only list sportsbooks that meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Well established with a positive reputation for trust, honesty and customer service.
  • Cutting edge security and SSL encryption technology to keep your data safe.
  • Offer fast payout speed, with no history of missed payments.
  • Personally tested and approved by our team of experts.

That’s why it’s so important you make sure to only bet with one of the offshore sportsbooks I recommended above.

How We Test And Review Sportsbooks

checklist icon

As a huge online sports betting enthusiast myself, this is an area I’m particularly passionate about. So when I or my team say that we’ve found the best offshore sportsbook, we’re not just saying it. We’ve checked them all thoroughly, and this is what we look for.

  • Reputation & Trust – It is particularly important for offshore sportsbooks to have a solid reputation. We thoroughly check each sportsbook’s history to ensure they are well established, fair, and safe.
  • Betting Platform – The top offshore betting sites need to offer a fast and enjoyable betting experience. How easy is it to place bets on all the best sports? Does the site offer prop bets, and can they be accessed quickly? Are there any live betting options?
  • Betting Lines & Odds – Does the sportsbook offer a good variety of betting markets? Can you bet on all the major sports and events? Do they have generous betting odds with “reduced juice” lines?
  • Deposit Bonuses – Is there a generous sign-up bonus available to new players? Do existing bettors get any reload bonuses, or any other weekly offers and promotions?
  • Mobile Websites / Apps – One of the main advantages of online betting is that it’s so fast and convenient. But that only works if sportsbooks have either a mobile-friendly website or native betting apps. We test all online sportsbooks on a range of mobile devices to make sure you can bet quickly and reliably from your phone.
  • Deposit Methods – The best online sportsbooks should have a choice of deposit methods. Not just credit cards, but also Bitcoin or other crypto, bank wire, e-wallets, and more.
  • Payout Speed – One of the most important things for a bettor is getting their money after they win. We test each online sportsbook to make sure they have a fast payout speed, and a smooth, no-hassle withdrawal process.
  • Customer Service – Sports betting is fun and most of the time everything works just the way it’s supposed to. But how does a sportsbook react if you have a question, or if something goes wrong? We put every offshore bookies customer service team through their paces, to make sure they are giving customers the experience they deserve.

This methodology is similar to the one we use to review all other online betting sites. The only difference with offshore sites is that we put extra emphasis on trust and reputation, which is more important with offshore betting sites due to the reduced regulation.

Is Offshore Sports Betting Legal?

Contrary to popular belief, offshore sports betting is completely legal. In fact, all legitimate offshore sportsbooks are licensed by a credible authority, which means they are to fully entitled to provide sports betting services online.

In the USA, for many years laws such as the UIGEA and PASPA made it impossible for sports betting operators to exist within the United States itself, which is precisely why the offshore gambling industry came into being. Since an offshore sportsbook doesn’t operate within the country, its legislators don’t have any influence or authority over them.

Legalization of Online Betting

The Federal ban on sports betting in the USA was lifted in May 2018. This has allowed many states to legalize the pastime at a state level.

But in any case, it’s important to note that these laws apply to the sportsbook, not to the individual. There is no federal law that stops US players from betting at offshore sportsbooks. So if you live in the USA and you choose to join one of the best offshore sportsbooks we’ve recommended today, as long as the site accepts players from your country, you’re unlikely to have any issues.

That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There are some parts of the world where online betting is definitely not allowed (Saudi Arabia for example) and you should not assume that it is legal to wager just because you have an account. This is particularly relevant to those people who travel a lot.

For this reason, we do recommend you do a bit of research on the local laws first. Just to make 100% certain that sports betting is legal from wherever you are.


If you still have any questions about offshore betting, our team has answered all the most common ones below. If there’s anything else you’d like to know before you choose a sportsbook to join, simply drop us a message via our contact page. We’ll continue to update this guide to keep it up to date.

What Are the Best Offshore Sports Betting Sites for US Players?

We’ve listed the top offshore sportsbooks at the top of this guide, all of which are US-friendly. These offshore gambling sites have passed all of our strict tests and can therefore be recommended to sports bettors from countries around the world. Simply check the flags to make sure they accept players from your country, and you’re good to go!

Do All Offshore Sportsbooks Accept US Bettors?

No, not every offshore sportsbook accepts players from the US, but most do. The trick is finding one you can trust.

Not all online sports betting sites are legit, so really cannot stress enough how important it is to only join a sportsbook that has been independently tested and approved. Our list of the best offshore betting platforms, which can be found at the top of this page, is the best place to start.

Which Is The Best Sportsbook For Deposit Bonuses?

We’ve added details of the deposit bonus for each sportsbook in our list above. However, it’s worth noting that the biggest bonus isn’t always the best.

Some bettors love bonuses as a great way to boost their bankroll before they even start betting. Others don’t want the hassle of the wagering requirements, and prefer not to take a sportsbook bonus at all. It’s not a “one size fits all” answer, so it really depends what sort of bettor you are.

Another thing worth noting is that most betting websites offer a different bonus for sportsbook and casino. You only open one account per site, so you need to decide whether you’re likely to spend the most time on the sportsbook or at the casino, to figure out which is the best bonus for you to choose.

Can I Use Debit Or Credit Cards At Offshore Sportsbooks?

Yes, nearly every online sportsbook accepts payments made via debit or credit card. Most of the best sites will also offer other payment solutions including Bitcoin.

Do I Have to Provide ID?

It’s standard practice when you come to withdraw your money that any betting site needs to verify your ID. The best offshore gambling sites have spent a long time building up their reputation, so it’s important they maintain that by making sure none of their customers are involved in fraud or money laundering. This is why ID is required.

They way I look at it is that I never take it personally when I am asked to prove my identity.

I know the reason the sportsbook has to ask, and I also know that I only need to go through the process once (per sportsbook) the first time I make a withdrawal. After that, my documents are on file and my subsequent payouts get processed straight away.

Where is Sports Betting Legal in the USA?

The list of US states that have currently legalized sports betting is growing all the time. Currently this includes:

Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

However, you can still bet at offshore sportsbooks that accept players from the US even if you do not live in one of these states.

What Sports Can I Wager On?

You can’t expect to be named best offshore betting site without having a great sportsbook, which is why any betting site we recommend will always have a wealth of US Sports to bet on.

These include NFL, College Football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, soccer, golf, Tennis, MMA, Boxing and many more. Live betting is available on many of these events as well.

You’ll also find speciality events such as Virtual Sports, Esports betting, Politics and TV.

What Else Can I Bet On Apart From Sports?

Whenever you join an internet gambling site, there’s often much more available than just a sportsbook. Most will also offer an online casino, poker room, race books, bingo and more.

All of this can be accessed via the same account and login details, so you just sign up once and get access to the sportsbook, all the casino games and everything else the site has to offer.

Do Online Sportsbooks Pay Out?

If you join a top online sportsbook (such as those on the list at the top of this page) then you don’t have any worries about whether or not they pay out – because we’ve checked them rigorously to make sure they do.

Rest assured, any sportsbook or casino that didn’t pay out would not be recommended on this site. Payout speed and reliability is a big part of our rating criteria (as detailed above) so you should not have any problems getting paid your winnings.

What Is The Max Bet Allowed At Offshore Betting Sites?

Each sportsbook has its own betting limits, and these can vary depending on what sports you’re betting on. In some cases it is as low as $1000 but in others it can be $5000. Of course this is more than high enough for most bettors, but some high rollers may want higher limits which can be arranged privately.

The sportsbooks always publish this information on their websites, so it’s always best to double check before you come to place your wager. You can always ask the customer service team for confirmation if you’re unsure.

David Graham

Last Updated on August 1, 2023