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All American Video Poker: Strategy & How To Play

All American video poker The name All American Video Poker might conjure up images of something fairly grand, but in fact the game is very simple to learn and play. It’s available at all of the best video poker casinos on mobile and desktop.

If you’ve ever played video poker before, you’ll have no issues whatsoever picking this up. Because it’s essentially just the same as Jacks or Better, but with a different pay table.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to play All American poker.

We’ll look at the pay table, how it differs from Jacks or Better, and how this affects the gameplay. I’ll also show you a winning strategy that will improve your returns whenever and wherever you play.

Whether you’re a seasoned video poker player, or it’s your first time, you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

How To Play All American Video Poker

The gameplay, rules and hand rankings in All American video poker are exactly the same as Jacks or Better. That’s what makes this variation to easy to learn and play. There are no wildcards in play, and no additional hands available.

If you’re not familiar with JoB, then I would recommend you first read our guide on how to play Jacks or Better, then come back here to read the rest of this article.

The only significant differences in All American poker can be found in the pay table.

Hand Ranks & Pay Table

A typical pay table on an online/mobile All American video poker game would look like this.

All American poker pay table

This is from a Playtech game, and it’s one of the best looking pay tables you’ll find for All American poker, and consequently offers the best return to the player.

If you compare these numbers to a typical Jacks or better pay table, you would find it looks quite different.

  • Royal Flush pays the same on 1-4 coins, but less on 5 coins. Therefore there is no RTP advantage in playing Max Coins on All American VP.
  • Straight Flush pays 200x on All American but only 50x on JoB
  • 4 of a Kind pays between 30 and 35x on All American but only 25x on JoB
  • Full House, Flush and Straight pay 8x on All American but usually 6x, 5x and 4x on JoB
  • 2 Pairs pays evens on All American but 2x on JoB

So overall, All American video poker places greater emphasis and rewards on the higher ranking hands, and less on the lower hands.

This makes the game more volatile than other versions, and unless you’re lucky in your first few hands, you are likely to need a bigger bank to have a chance of getting a decent return.

It also affects the game strategy.

All American Poker Strategy

All American video poker strategy If you get dealt a paying hand (called a pat hand) then keep it. Even if you have a straight flush with the chance to draw to a Royal Flush, the difference in payouts in this game means you should hold.

Otherwise, keep these cards (in order of preference) to try to make the best hand possible on the draw. Discard anything else.

What Cards To Hold

  1. Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush
  2. Four cards to a royal flush
  3. Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house
  4. Four cards to a straight flush
  5. Two pair
  6. High pair (Jack or better)
  7. Three cards to a royal flush
  8. Four cards to a flush
  9. Low pair
  10. Four cards to an outside straight
  11. Two suited high cards
  12. Three cards to a straight flush
  13. Two unsuited high cards (more than two, use lowest)
  14. Suited high cards 10-J, 10-Q, 10-K
  15. High Card Jack or better
  16. Discard all dealt cards

All American video poker is not as common or as popular as some variations, but if you’re playing at any of the casinos that we rate as being recommended for video poker, then chances are you’ll come across it.

It’s certainly an interesting twist on the standard game, and the higher rewards and volatility will suit some gamblers more than others.

Give it a try if you’re feeling lucky, or just fancy a change.

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David Graham

Last Updated on February 21, 2021