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New Samsung Galaxy Fold Looks Perfect For Live Betting!

Samsung Galaxy fold Samsung have just revealed their new foldable smart phone, and it looks absolutely perfect for mobile betting!

The new Galaxy Fold opens up to create a massive 18.5cm screen which is almost as big as a tablet, and is capable of running up to three apps simultaneously. It then folds back down to the size of a normal phone and slips right into your pocket.

There are going to be a multitude of uses for this, but one thing springs to mind straight away. This is going to be ideal for those of use who run mobile betting apps. Especially if you bet on sports in-play.

How Does The Galaxy Fold Work?

The phone’s functionality is described in a recent BBC News article. There’s also a handy demo in the video below, courtesy of TechCrunch.

At the release, Samsung wanted to highlight that the phone would be ideal for Facebook, Microsoft Office or YouTube. But if you think a bit more creatively, it’s also absolutely perfect for mobile betting.

Consider the following possibilities:

  • For in-play sports betting, you could watch live streaming (via any of these bookies) on one half of the screen, and have your betting app open on the other side for instant access to the live odds.
  • Alternatively, if you’re placing a bet before the event, you could study the form on one half of the screen and view the odds on the other.
  • If you play blackjack but need to keep an eye on the rules or strategy guide while you play, you could also view both the game table and the guide without needing to switch between them.
  • If you’re an advanced casino player, you could even run two different casino apps like these simultaneously side by side. You could play two blackjack or roulette tables, two slot games or any combination you like.

These are just a few of the possible uses we thought of for this technology. You can probably come up with many more. One thing’s for sure, it will definitely be a big help to anyone who bets on their mobile.

What Apps Can I Use With It?

Like Samsung’s other products, the Galaxy Fold is an Android device. They wisely ditched plans to move their handsets to Tizen, their own proprietary operating system.

So this means that any of the recommended Android betting apps will work perfectly on this phone, as will any of your other existing Android apps.

Cost And Availability

The price is probably the major downside to the Galaxy Fold. It is set to retail at $1,980 which definitely puts it at the high end of the market.

This might take it out of reach for many everyday users. However, if you’re a serious gambler who makes money from your betting, then it could well be affordable. And if it helps to get you more opportunities to make profitable bets, then it may be an investment that pays for itself before too long.

We’re yet to find out just how heavy the device is, but it certainly looks more convenient and manageable than carrying a tablet. So while it’s not for everyone, if you’re a serious punter then you may want to take a closer look.

The Galaxy Fold is released on April 26 in the USA, and on May 3 in the UK and Europe.

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

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