“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”

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Analyze your

Time tracking is useless without comprehensive analysis. iTrackMyTime is full of charts for you to get a deep understanding on what you’re spending your time on.


iTrackMyTime v1 was always a great way to review your day-by-day activities and see how your productivity levels improve as time goes by.

Now, in collaboration with Mobile Betting Site (yes our team does more than just review the best betting apps), the new version will do so much more. Now you can monitor your phone usage in real time. Track and record how long you spend on social media, playing at mobile casinos, listening to music, gaming or on the internet.

Finally you’re in complete control…

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Super -to-use



We wanted to create an app which is not just easy to use, but also pleasant to work. So that’s why we worked out every little detail to make it a perfect time tracking app.



The app can also work in automated mode, allowing it to monitor your activity while actually using your phone. You can then generate reports showing you exactly how long you spend on your mobile, and what you spend it doing. Create automated alerts to let you know when you’ve exceeded a specified amount of time on a particular app. Or create groups of apps to show you time spent on a particular activity. Some examples of how this feature can be used:

Betting & Gambling

Regulators insist that individual betting apps provide you with tools to control the amount of time you spend gambling, but they only work on a specific site.

Users frequently skip between different gambling sites to play different mobile casino games or to place a bet on sports, making the site tools useless.

With iTrackMyTime you can assign all your gambling apps and sites to a group, and monitor your time spent betting as a whole. You can then set alerts to let you know when you have exceeded your desired time.

Social Media

It is a well known fact that many people spend too much time on social media. Most of us do it without even realising, especially on our mobile devices.

Social media addiction is a real issue which can have negative effects on your health. But there’s no need to go completely Cold Turkey. Now there’s a better way.

Use iTrackMyTime to set limits on the number of hours each day, week or month that you or your family spend on social media apps, and get automated alerts when those limits are reached, or blocks when they are breached.

Gaming Apps

Like gambling and social media, online and mobile gaming can often take up much more of your time than you’d intended. It’s something we’re all guilty of.

If you want to track and/or control the hours that you or any other user spends playing mobile slots or video games, then this app is the perfect solution for the over exuberant gamer.

For peace of mind, using the inbuilt parental controls, you can (optionally) choose to moderate your kids game time as well as your own, by setting predefined limits. Have the app alert you or end play automatically when your time is up.

The iTrackMyTime app isn’t just for gamers, gamblers and social media users. It can be a vital tool for anyone who wants to control and regulate the amount of time they spend on their mobile phone or tablet. Take your eyes off the screen for a while and watch the world instead, you’ll be surprised what you’ve been missing out on.

David Graham
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