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Mobile Betting To Be Legalized In Rhode Island?

Rhode Island state flag Betting apps could soon become as widespread in the United States as they already are in the UK, Europe & the rest of the World.

The news broke this week that Mobile sports betting could soon become legal in yet another US state, and more are expected to follow.

According to the news site Boston Mix, the proposal has already passed unopposed through the State Senate committee. The second stage is a vote on the senate floor, which could take place as soon as next week.

Tax Revenues Make This A Priority

The Mix reports that Rhode Island’s Democratic senator Dominick Ruggerio wants to make this one of his top priorities, in order to make online gambling services available to more people, and to be able to collect the tax revenues that this will generate.

Indeed, it is reported that his budget already includes up to $30 million in projected revenues from both land based and online sports betting transactions.

“We want to generate revenue and we want to make sure people have a good experience and come back,” Ruggerio is quoted as saying.

More States To Follow?

New Jersey famously became the first state to legalize online betting in 2018, and inevitably other states will be watching closely to see how well the move there works.

Clearly there will be opposition from conservative and religious groups, but it seems inevitable that more and more state senates will be casting an envious eye over the additional revenues that are being generated. Over the next few years we expect the majority of the USA to follow suit and be brought into line with the rest of the world.

This opens up a huge new market for online bookmakers and casinos. Expect to see mobile app developers pushing hard to compete for their slice of the cake.

It’s an interesting time, but we see it as great news that US citizens will finally be able to bet from their mobiles instead of having to either find an unlicensed bookie, or travel to Vegas!

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

David Graham
Posted in News

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