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Goo Technologies Rolls Out First Mobile 3D Casino

Goo Technologies logo Mobile betting technology is advancing at an incredible pace. The latest innovation comes from Goo Technologies, who have announced the release of the world’s first mobile 3D casino.

But unlike other products, this isn’t a betting app. The casino is run completely on your browser using HTML5 technology and WebGL. WebGL is used to get rid of past problems with the speed of the network.

Goo Engine, as it’s been dubbed by its company, is truly a unique experience in itself. It offers players the chance to completely change the way they gamble using their mobiles.

So What Makes “3D” Technology Different?

In the past, you simply opened up a game using the casino App and there was little interaction with the other parts of the online casino. While some see this is a good thing, it takes away from the whole package, or the experience.

With Goo Technology, you get a unique environment and interactive experience like never before. You get to walk through the casino, see all the colors, take in the sounds and really feel like you’re holding a casino in your hand.

The games themselves still run on the engines sued by the top software providers such as: Playtech and Microgaming, but it takes the game to while new level. It’s like re-inventing the games themselves.

While this technology is new, its marks a giant leap forward and really sets the bar high as to what developers can now do with their games.

We can only hope that they will take advantage of this new technology and use it to make their games much better and exciting. Were sure that the popularity of this will spark a new wave of casinos using this and should only be a matter of time before we see it widespread across almost all of the top casinos online.

The only downfall to this is that some phones aren’t ready to handle this new way of gambling. Older phones especially will not be able to run this heavy piece of software. But, that’s a good reason to go out and get the new iPhone 5!

Last Updated on April 27, 2020

David Graham
Posted in News

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