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Double Chance Betting In Football

double chance football betting Double chance is one of the less frequently used football betting markets, and also one of the most misunderstood.

But it can be a very useful bet in the right circumstances. It certainly gives you the best chance of winning, as you’re effectively betting on two outcomes at once.

In this article, I’ll explain what Double Chance means in football betting, how it works and the pros and cons of making this type of bet.

What Does Double Chance Mean?

A Double Chance bet in football is a bet that covers two outcomes instead of the usual one. Hence, you have double the chance to win.

It is usually used in the Match Odds market, where only three possible outcomes exist (Home Win, Draw or Away Win). Therefore by making a bet that covers two of those, it means there is only one possible way for the bet to lose.

In a Double Chance betting market in football, you would normally get three possible selections:

  • Home Win or Draw
  • Away Win or Draw
  • Home Win or Away Win

Of course, as you might expect there is a trade off for getting this extra chance of winning, and the odds in the Double Chance betting market are significantly lower than in the Match Odds market.

Double Chance Example

Let’s consider an example. The following screenshot shows a football betting market at QuinnBet, which we review here, for a Premier League match between Brighton and Crystal Palace.

Example of a Double Chance football betting market

Brighton were considered odds on favourites this match, which is why the odds on Brighton or Draw are so slim, at just 2/13.

The double chance of Crystal Palace or Draw is just about odds against, at 21/20. Or you could bet on Brighton or Crystal Palace at 2/7 (this option would lose if the match ended in a draw).

In the end, Crystal Palace won the match. This means that the Brighton or Draw bet would be a loser, but either of the other two selections would be winners.

Pros And Cons of Double Chance Bets

The advantage of Double Chance bet, in football or any other sport, is pretty obvious. It gives you more than one chance of winning. In a three outcome market like match odds, it means there is only one way to lose.

However, the disadvantage is that the odds have to be lower to compensate for this. So you will win less money, more frequently.

If you’re absolutely convinced that one outcome won’t happen, but aren’t sure which of the other two will, then this is the perfect solution. As long as you’re prepared to accept the lower payouts in return for the lower risk.

Is This The Same As A Lay Bet?

In a way, yes it is. A lay bet is when you bet that something won’t happen. But to place a lay bet, you need a betting exchange, and many people don’t feel comfortable with them.

When you use a double chance bet to cover two of three outcomes, you are in effect betting that the third outcome won’t happen, so it does amount to the same thing.

Therefore, if you want to bet against a particular outcome but don’t want to use a betting exchange, then Double Chance could be a great alternative.

Other Possible Uses For Double Chance

Also, some people like to use this market to create arbitrage opportunities, where they use one bookmaker to bet that an outcome in a football match will happen, and another to bet that it won’t.

Providing the odds are favourable, then it’s much quicker and easier to cover all possible outcomes using just two bets than it is using three.

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David Graham

Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Posted in Soccer

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