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What Tech Do You Need For Mobile Betting?

There are millions of people around the world enjoying mobile gambling in 2024, and we all bet in different ways.

Some people prefer mobile sports betting, others only play mobile slots or casino games. Some like to download apps, whereas others prefer the speed and convenience of betting through a mobile web browser.

But whatever your preference, you do need to have the right tech in place to support it. That means a mobile handset and operating system that can handle the way in which you want to bet.

Different betting app developers have different requirements, but we’ve researched all the most popular mobile betting sites and crunched the numbers to give you a general guide to the minimum tech you’ll need to support your mobile betting.

Tech For Using Sports Betting Apps

win both halves betting in football Sports betting apps tend to have lower minimum specifications than casino or slots apps. This is because they don’t have to support the graphics and animations that casino games require.

For Android betting apps and iPhone betting apps, you will need the following.

  • Android 5.0 and up
  • iOS11 and above

Any mobile handset with at least these operating system versions will run almost all popular sports betting apps.

Tech For Using Slots and Casino Apps

casino apps icon Casino apps require more recent O/S versions because they have more advanced gameplay and graphics. As a result, they are also likely to use more CPU and memory than a sports betting app.

  • Android 7.0 and up
  • iOS12 and above

If your phone has at least the O/S versions listed above, then it is highly likely to be recent enough to also have the required memory and CPU speed.

If you find your phone slows down when using a casino or slots app, make sure that you shut some of your other apps down first. It may be something else that’s hogging your phone’s resources.

Tech For Betting Through A Mobile Browser

As I mentioned earlier, in 2024 the majority of gamblers are turning to instant play games and betting through their mobile browser, as an alternative to downloading apps.

In fact, many operators, including most of the offshore bookmakers, don’t offer apps any more because there’s just not the demand, with most users betting through the mobile websites instead.

Doing this also means there isn’t a minimum O/S version: if your phone can browse the internet, then you can also bet direct on mobile betting websites.

Playing casino games through your browser is more data intensive than using an app. Therefore for best results, use 4G or 5G (where available) or better still, enable your wi-fi connection. Also keep an eye on your data usage if it is metered.

What Version Do I Have?

Your phone should have a Settings menu which contains an About Phone option. This will tell you the model number and what Operating System version you have.

To find the latest available versions, you can use these links.

What To Do If You’re Still Not Sure

We’ve done our best to give you a very general set of guidelines about what tech you need to support various types of mobile betting. However, this can never be a one size fits all answer.

There are so many different devices, operating system and browser version combinations available, and so many different apps that are constantly being updated, it’s impossible to give an accurate answer that will cover every individual.

The rule of thumb is that if your mobile device meets the minimum criteria listed above, you’re 99% certain to be fine. But if you are in doubt or if you have any issues, contact the technical support team of the app or site you’re betting with and ask.

Chances are they’ve seen the same issue before and can offer some guidance that will help you out.

Last Updated on February 26, 2021

David Graham
Posted in Knowledge Base

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