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What is Rollover in Betting?

what does rollover mean in online betting terminology

If you ever claimed a welcome bonus or reload bonus at an online sportsbook, casino or poker site, chances are you’ll have seen the term rollover used.

But do you know what it means?

It’s very important to understand this rule. That’s because the rollover requirement determines how much you have to bet before you can withdraw your bonus and any winnings.

In this article, we’ll explain what rollover means in betting, why betting sites use them, how they’re calculated and how to make sure you meet the rollover amount and still come away with a profit…

What is a Rollover?

In sports betting, a rollover is the wagering requirement for a bonus or promotion.

In essence, you have to bet your deposit and bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings from that deposit.

The term ‘rollover’ may be applied to both free bets and bonuses. Most licensed and offshore bookmakers require a rollover, but there are some bookmakers where there is no rollover rule.

How Is Rollover Used?

The most common usage of the term ‘rollover’ refers to the wagering requirements for bonus money received from sign up bonuses or reload bonuses.

Some online sportsbooks offer deposit bonuses. They’ll match your first, second or even third deposit amount with bonus funds that you can use to make more bets.

For example, a bookmaker may offer €100 in free bets when you deposit €100, with a 30x rollover.

This means, to withdraw any winnings from that bonus, you need to bet the amount of your initial deposit and bonus (€200 in this case) at least thirty times (30x).

NOTE: Some online bookmakers do not charge a rollover for their bonuses and some do. So be sure to check the terms and conditions before you accept any bonus.

How do you calculate the rollover requirement?

Most bookmakers use the following rollover calculation: deposit + bonus amount x wagering requirement. Using the example above, €100 in free bets requires you to wager €200 thirty times before any winnings can be withdrawn.

The same applies to most other sportsbook offers. If you have a €100 bonus and it has a wagering requirement of x30, the calculation is as follows: €200 (deposit + bonus) x 30 (wagering requirement).

Note that even if you have received multiple bonuses, you can only have one active bonus at a time. That means that every bet you place will only count towards the rollover for one bonus offer.

Sample Calculation

Here’s a sample calculation for how you would calculate rollover:

  • 200% up to £50 – deposit £50 and receive £100 in free bets – this has a 5x rollover

When you calculate the rollover, it’s actually £50 deposit plus £100 bonus amount multiplied by 5 (wagering requirement) = £750.

So you’ll need to bet your deposit and bonus amounts (£150 in this case) 5 times before any withdrawal can be made.

Bookmakers will usually provide a rollover calculator on their website. But if you’re unsure of how to calculate the rollover, you can always contact their support for clarification.

Why do sports betting sites have a rollover requirement

The rollover rule is intended to keep players from abusing sports betting bonus offers or casino bonuses.

Contrary to what some punters believe, sign up bonuses are not free money. They are designed to give you a taste of the odds, games and betting services a site offers, without risking your own bankroll.

If you’re using your free bet, you’ll need to place bets until your initial amount plus the free bet itself has been wagered.

Some bookmakers are now moving away from rollover requirements for high-rollers because they feel that these players are less likely to abuse bonuses. Generally speaking though, most online sportsbooks still have a rollover rule.

Is it possible to bypass the rollover requirement?

Some people believe that you can get round the rollover, for example by making multiple small bets or using different betting sites.

In order to determine whether rollover requirements can be bypassed, it’s important to understand how they work. Rollover is a bookmaker’s way of making sure that you’re going to wager their bonus funds and your initial deposit.

This ensures that if you win, the odds are greater that you have also satisfied the terms and conditions of the bonus.

What About Making More, Smaller Bets?

Rollover cannot be bypassed on most sports betting bonuses by making multiple small bets or using different betting sites because this would defeat the purpose of the requirement.

The rollover is not determined by how much money you win – it’s based on your initial deposit plus any free bet you receive, multiplied by the wagering requirements.

Each different bet you place counts toward your rollover, even if it’s for a small amount of money. For example, if the wagering requirement is x30 and your deposit plus bonus adds up to €250, each €1 bet you make would count as €0.03 towards the rollover. In this way, your entire deposit could be wagered 30 times.

If you want to bypass rollover, the only way would be to refuse their sportsbook bonuses.

If you don’t accept bonus money from your sports betting site, then their bonus terms and conditions cannot apply. You can then withdraw profits made from winning bets any time you like.

Can you still withdraw your winnings if you don’t meet the requirements for withdrawing your bonus money

In general, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until the requirements for withdrawing your bonus funds have been satisfied.

This means that if a sportsbook requires a rollover of x6 on a €250 free bet offer and you only complete x4 after 5 bets, you still won’t be able to withdraw the €500 in winnings.

What are some ways of meeting the wagering requirements and getting around them at the same time

In order to meet a rollover requirement, you simply need to bet through the amount that is required ‘x’ number of times. The easiest way would be to use a sportsbook bonus and place single bets on low-risk markets with low potential for profit.

For example, if the wagering requirements are x50 and your deposit plus bonus adds up to €250, placing bets of €1 on each-way football matches would count as €0.02 towards the rollover. This would take approximately 100 bets (50×2=100) before you could withdraw your winnings.

Try Accumulators

If you want to make money while meeting rollover requirements, there are other ways around them. You can place accumulators, which work in much the same way as an each-way bet (your winnings are determined by how many selections you get right).

If you get four of your five selections correct on a £1 accumulator (£0.20 each), for example, you would win £3.00 more than your stake – this means that you would need to place bets of £0.20 for 100 accumulators just to meet the wagering requirements on a free bet.

You can also choose more than one selection in an event, which will allow you to make your money back. Let’s say for example that you had deposited €250 and received a free bet that had a €2,500 wagering requirement. You could pick five winners out of the 10 runners in the race and you would have met your requirements.

Last Updated on December 31, 2021

David Graham
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