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Sky Bet Mobile App

thumbs down iconSky Bet mobile offer one of the very worst mobile betting services around. If you haven’t got an account with them yet, then congratulations! You’re one of the lucky ones.

We’d recommend you stop reading this now, and go and download one of the recommended betting apps instead.

If you make the mistake of depositing money at Sky Bet, then in our opinion you are heading for disappointment. Winners are not welcome there. The company is not owned by Sky, despite having the license to use their branding and logos. So if you think you’re doing business with a name you know and trust, think again. Sky haven’t owned the brand for several years now.

It’s safe to say that whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find someone else that does it better. If you’re intersted in sports betting, the bet365 app is the best on the market. If you’re a casino player, there are lots of great casino apps that will give you a much better experience.

Sky Bet Mobile Free Bet

We are no longer publishing details of any Sky Bet mobile offers, as they have been blacklisted. We do not recommend that you bet with this company.

How To Claim The Sign Up Bonus

You’d have to go to Sky Bet and get details from them direct. Good luck getting any money out of them. But we recommend you avoid them, and download a better app instead.

How To Get The Sky Bet Mobile App

SkyBet Mobile AppThe app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. But so is every other app on the market, and most of the others are much better than this one.

You can find the best Android betting apps here, or the best for iPhone here. Make sure you check them out if you are even considering downloading the Sky Bet app, because you’ll get a much better deal.

Curious Ratings

Live Streaming on Sky Bet MobileThe app has a mixture of ratings on the App Store. There are many negative comments, but recently they have a bunch of five star reviews as well.

That looks good until you dig a little deeper. Many of the five star reviews have been left by users with no history, no profile picture, who have only ever left one review and never done anything else.

This is highly suspicious, and this is often the sign of a fake review. We are not saying that all the Sky Bet reviews are fake, or even any of them, because we have no proof of this. All we can say is that when a company does have fake reviews, they do often follow this pattern. You should take a look and make up your own mind.

Here’s another video about fake reviews that you should watch before you look at Sky Bet’s app store or Google Play rating.

How To Download The App

To get the app you first need to carefully consider whether you want to open an account with this company. Remember, it IS NOT OWNED BY SKY, and they have a record of “brutally” going back on the deals they have made with their partners. We don’t trust them, and we can’t recommend that anyone else does either.

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