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How To Find Casino Games In Google Play & App Store (And Why You Shouldn’t!)

online casino apps review icon If you’ve been looking for real money casino games in Google Play or App store, you’ve probably realised by now that it’s a thankless task! The stores are full of fake reviews and dodgy apps that you should never download.

So what do you do? How can you find the best mobile casino games that actually pay real money in Google Play or App Store ?

Well the first thing to ask is – are you looking in the wrong place?

In this article, I’ll explain why you should NEVER search in any of the official app marketplaces for casino apps.

Then I’ll show you a much better place to look instead….

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Casino Reviews on Google Play or App Store

At first glance, you might wonder why you need an independent review website like this. After all, these days you will see feedback from other people on the “official” mobile app marketplaces for both Android and iPhone. So why wouldn’t you just use these to decide on which real money casino app to download?

There are actually some very good reasons. Amazingly, neither the positive or negative feedback that you read can be trusted as far as you could throw it. Here’s why…

  • A high percentage of the Negative Reviews are biased, irrelevant or FAKE
  • An even higher percentage of Positive Reviews are FAKE
  • Many of the apps themselves are – yes you guessed it – FAKE

Do you really have the experience, or even the time, to tell the genuine apps and reviews from the fakes?

Not many people do.

The Best Mobile Casino Apps Are Here

But exactly why are the app marketplaces so full of disinformation, fakes and scams – and why does it matter? Let’s investigate a bit further…

Fake Positive Reviews

If a large percentage of the negative comments on Google Play and Apple Store can’t be trusted, you may not be surprised to learn that the positive ones are no more reliable. Unfortunately, some online casino operators are less than honest.

A dishonest operator will not hesitate to pay for fake reviews in order to make their app seem better than it actually is. Sadly, this happens on Gambling App listings just as much as other types of apps, if not more.

You can sometimes spot the fakes quite easily. Check out these reviews for Gala Casino app for example.

fake casino reviews on Google Play
Sometimes it’s easy to spot fake reviews

A series of one word five star reviews, left by users with no previous reviews and no profile picture is an obvious sign that the app developer or casino has bought fake reviews to boost their score.

If a user who has never left any feedback about anything before suddenly comes along with a five star review for an online gambling app, you might decide it’s just a one off. But when you see several examples following exactly the same pattern, you know something is probably wrong.

Don’t think it’s just the obscure or unknown publishers that do this either. We’ve seen some very well known mobile casinos with a bunch of five star ratings that look blatantly fake.

Fake Negative Reviews

This isn’t unique to online gambling apps, but these days people like to whinge and complain on the internet. Some people use a review of a company or product to try to get some sort of revenge if they haven’t got their own way.

The fact is that some mobile casino players don’t like it when they lose money. Fair enough, nobody does. But it’s a fact of life, as a casino gamer sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t. That’s why when we play for real money, we only ever gamble with funds we can afford to lose.

However some people react irrationally. They decide it was because the online casino cheated, or the games were not fair. In fact this is virtually impossible, as the games are regularly tested by regulators and the online casinos would lose their licenses. But that doesn’t stop people leaving negative comments on either App Store or Google Play, just because they lost on that particular occasion.

The same applies when people are asked to provide ID before they can withdraw their winnings. This isn’t the operator’s fault, it’s down to government legislation on money laundering. Again, it’s a condition of their license that they do this. But still, some people are not happy and leave a bad review.

Now obviously everyone has the right to leave whatever feedback they like. But the main problem with all this when it comes to casino apps is that these issues are not about the app at all.

Remember that the idea of leaving a review is to help other users. So when you get negative feedback due to issues that are completely unrelated to how good the app actually is, they have a huge impact on the overall rating, and do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Fake Apps

It’s not just fake reviews you need to watch out for. How about the apps themselves?

Well, let’s take another example. As you might know if you’ve read our review, the bet365 app is one of the best sports betting apps around. So here are some of the prominent results that come up when you search Google Play for “bet365”.

fake apps on Google Play

As you can see, there are several results here that all use the bet365 colours, and some of them even say bet365 on the logo.

So can you tell which one of these is the genuine bet365 app?

Actually – none of them are. All these apps are fake. They are nothing to do with bet365 at all, they’re just designed to trick people into thinking they are.

Who knows what these would do to your phone if you downloaded one? I certainly wouldn’t want to risk it.

Conclusion – Don’t Trust App Marketplaces

So now you can see why searching for betting apps on Google Play or App Store is a very bad idea. The only way to be 100% certain you’re getting a genuine app is to get it direct from the casino or sportsbook themselves.

You should certainly take all the ratings you see on the official iPhone and Android marketplaces with a big pinch of salt. You don’t know where these ratings have come from, what they’re based on, or even whether they were left by real people at all.

But worse still, you may end up downloading a dodgy app from an unknown publisher. At best this won’t do what you want it to do. At worst, it could compromise your personal security and potentially do all kinds of damage to your device.

As an alternative, we offer an unbiased and independent guide, written by experienced players who are experts in their field.

The Best Mobile Casino Apps Are Here

Our recommendations are based on actually testing the gambling apps themselves. We also take into consideration several other factors, including bonuses, payments and trustworthiness of the operator. We believe in our recommendations, and this is exactly why you can trust them too.

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

David Graham
Posted in Knowledge Base

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