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Are Bookies Open Today?

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UK High street bookies are open most days but can close on certain days of the year including Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Additionally, bookies are classed as non essential retail, so during any public health crisis, such as COVID-19 lockdown, they will always be closed.

However, there is an easy solution, and a much better way to bet.

Why wait until a high street bookie near you opens when online bookies are always open. Join an online bookmaker and you can bet 24/7 through your computer, tablet or mobile.

There are many more advantages of online bookies as well, including better odds and many more promotions and bonuses than you’d ever find in your local betting shop.

You can also play live dealer casino games, slots and other games through your online bookie, which is much more fun that standing next to a FOBT all day.

So instead of wondering whether your local bookie is open today, why not try opening an account with one of the best sports betting sites? That way you take the best odds and most popular bets with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for an online bookie that’s always open 24/7 via their website or mobile app, we strongly recommend bet365. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE BET365 WEBSITE

Once you’ve tried online betting you’ll probably never go back to the high street again.

Last Updated on April 4, 2021

David Graham
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      Best Bookies

      Sorry, they are not going to reopen until government legislation allows non essential shops & services to open again. Online betting sites are not affected however.

  1. blank
    thomas b

    well as i dont bet internet thats that shops closed nothing to do? i bet in bookie shop with cash i would never bet with bank details. ive learnt today all bookie shops are closed so why have racing. 60 yrs ive bet and now theirs no wheir to have a bet

    • blank
      Best Bookies

      You should give online betting a try instead. You don’t need to give them your bank details! Use credit or debit card, you’re totally protected.

        • blank
          Best Bookies

          We have no idea at the moment, need to wait and listen to the govt announcements. Our opinion is that it’s likely to be several months until things are back to normal. Betting shops will be low priority as they will be classed as non essential. So our advise is still the same – join an online bookie, download their app and get used to using it because it’s going to be your best option for quite a while.

    • blank
      Best Bookies

      Guys, bookies are not essential services so high street outlets won’t be open until the lockdown period is lifted. Online bookies remain open which is another good reason to join them instead!

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    Les Eldin

    We who only bet in shops can not do so why should racing take place online only not fare the mp should try to open them with guidence

    • blank
      Best Bookies

      A lot of the lifestyle we are used to has changed recently and will probably stay that way for a while. So much is now being done online that was done face to face only a few months ago. But betting has been much better online for years now, and the high street bookies will eventually become obsolete. The lockdown will probably accelerate that process.

  3. blank
    John clare

    Don’t have debit or credit cards never have, I go in the bookies bet then leave, why can’t they open like any shop, turn the gaming machines off turn the TV screens off you’ve no reas to stay in the shop

    • blank
      Best Bookies

      Probably very hard for bookies to maintain social distancing due to the layout of most shops and the need to sanitise all surfaces that people have touched. Most people at least have a bank account and you can fund an online betting account via bank transfer.

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