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Five Dimes Sportsbook Review

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5dimes is a well known name in online sports betting. They are an established online betting site that have been offering offshore betting, online casino and poker room, to US players for some time.

However, recently 5dimes stopped accepting bets from US accounts, and even closed their website to US visitors. That leaves US players looking for alternative offshore sportsbooks to bet with, and everyone else wondering whether the 5dimes sportsbook is still worth betting with.

Even if you do still live in one of the permitted countries, 5dimes are far from the only online betting site offering these services, and punters will rightly ask whether 5dimes is the best option, or whether you can get better odds, bonuses and betting lines elsewhere.

This comprehensive 5dimes review will answer these questions and more.

What is 5dimes?

5dimes logo 5dimes is an online sportsbook based in San Jose, Costa Rica, that has quickly earned the respect of seasoned players. Although they had some initial growing pains, their quality control has improved substantially in recent years under new management. They offer one of the best promotions in the industry, with a generous 100% match bonus on your initial deposit up to $520.

In addition to the deposit bonus, new customers can also take advantage of a $20 free play on their first deposit.

Their software is considered some of the best and most stable in the industry and they offer lines on all major sports, including baseball, basketball, boxing/MMA, football, golf and hockey. They also cover more unique events than any other online bookmakers such as e-sports, pro wrestling, MMA sub-markets and even lumberjack/mountain climbing.

They are known for offering some of the best lines in the industry with many coming very close to Pinnacle or Everygame (Intertops).

The increase in competition has also made them one of the top choices for live betting, although they aren’t always the best for playing at during games due to slower updating.

They are an industry leader in prop betting with easy access to hundreds of unique bets on individual players, leading many smart gamblers to get their action in early before the lines get too long.

Although they are not publicly owned, 5dimes is part-owned by Betegy, a well-known and highly rated sports prediction website.

Is 5dimes safe to bet with?

5dimes is widely considered one of the safest online betting sites for US players by industry insiders, bettors and even competitors such as SBR . They have had just four major security breaches since 1999 that allowed players to view each others’ accounts and wagers. This is very impressive considering the amount of money flowing through their books. They have always paid players promptly and honored all legitimate, large winners .

Their customer service has improved dramatically since they were sold by BetOnSports to another group several years ago. Players used to complain about slow payment times and unresponsive customer service. That has improved a great deal and they now have a number of ways to reach them including online chat, toll free phone numbers from several countries, email and even fax.

5dimes is also one of the few sportsbooks to publish their management team publicly, which can be found at this link .

What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits at 5dimes?

5dimes sportsbook has a number of different deposit methods and withdrawal options for players including check, money order, wire transfer and Bitcoin.

They have a $50 minimum deposit but the maximum deposit amount via credit card is limited to $500 due to their processing company’s rules.

Players who wish to make larger deposits can do so by using Bitcoin, money order or wire transfer.

How does 5dimes compare to other major sportsbooks?

5dimes is widely considered to be a less desirable option for US players looking for sharp lines and high limits. Everygame is superior in these areas.

They have a number of unique bets not available at other books including some props on the English Premier League and World Cup matches.

5dimes is also one of the few sportsbooks rated A+ by SBR . They have been in business since 1996 and are considered very stable.

How do I make a sports bet with 5dimes ?

5dimes has one of the best websites in the business with excellent streaming, an intuitive interface and quick loading. Their sports odds cover virtually every major sport including baseball, basketball, boxing/MMA, cricket, football (USA), golf, hockey and motor racing.

They use simple point-and-click wagering where you can place straight bets on the money line, point spread or total for each game. You can also create a number of different parlays and teasers by clicking the “custom” button to mix and match your wagers.

To place a bet, just copy and paste the odds from any major sportsbook such as Pinnacle Sports into 5dimes’ box and they will automatically adjust the line and give you a price.

They also offer live betting on many games . To bet in-game, just click “Live Bet” next to the game you wish to wager on then choose your wager (money line or point spread). They usually add Live Bet odds every minute but only show the current odds during the game.

5dimes odds update much slower than other books such as Everygame and you will often find better value by betting early before their lines get too long.

To make a bet, click the “Make Bet” tab at the top of any sportsbook page then choose your sport, team and wager in the pop-up box.

When it comes to placing a bet, 5dimes offers several options including credit card, money order/wire transfer and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount is $50 via credit card but the maximum deposit amount is limited to $500 due to their processing company’s rules . Players who wish to make larger deposits can do so by using Bitcoin, money order or wire transfer.

5dimes accepts bets from all 50 states and is one of the few sportsbooks that offers wagering on individual teams such as the New York Mets.

How does 5dimes pay winners?

Players can choose between a number of different withdrawal options including sportsbook transfer, check, money order, wire transfer and Bitcoin. 5dimes has a $50 minimum withdrawal amount but charges $29.95 for checks which can take several weeks to arrive.

Players who wish to receive the fastest possible payout should use money order or wire transfer which are processed within 2-4 business days. The maximum amount for both is $2,500 with a $1,000 limit for wire transfers.

5dimes offers both Bitcoin and money order as faster alternatives to checks but does not publish payout times. You can find more information on their FAQ page .

5dimes sportsbook is one of the best options for US players looking for high limits and sharp lines. They have a number of unique bets not available at other books and offer higher limits than most competitors.

Their customer service is also praised for being quick and extremely helpful. Players can reach them via phone , live chat or email.

What are the Disadvantages of Betting at 5dimes?

5dimes has a limited range of betting options for in-play bets and does not offer the same speed or level of detail as other books such as Everygame.

They also have one of the worst mobile apps in the industry with no “live” betting option, poor streaming and slow loading speeds. It is also harder to make a deposit on their mobile platform.

5dimes needs to increase the number of games covered and improve their odds updating system before they can compete with Everygame and Bet365.

5dimes sportsbook review: final thoughts and conclusion

5dimes is no longer an option for US players, but may suit Canadian and other players looking for sharp lines and high limits but their limited range of live betting options and slow website means they are not the best book to use on your phone or tablet.

Their customer service is fast and efficient but they need to release an improved mobile app with more game coverage before they can compete with the best mobile betting sites – and also welcome back US players.

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Last Updated on December 29, 2021

David Graham