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App-Y Birthday – Android Is 10 Years Old Today

Android birthday card Doesn’t time fly? Google’s Android operating system turns 10 years old today, having first been launched in September 2008. Since that time, it’s fair to say it’s been an unqualified success, and it’s now found on nearly 9/10 smart phones in the world.

Sorry Apple! The iPhone may have been launched first, but it was soon overtaken and has never been able to gain dominance since.

Most of us have been using Android devices for years now, and it’s hard to imagine the world without them The success of the OS is based on being easy to use, portable and manufacturer independent.

It’s relatively easy to develop apps for as well, as demonstrated by the abundance of options on the Google Play store.

That’s both good and bad of course, because it means there’s a lot of rubbish on there as well as some gems. But overall, having more choice has to be a good thing as long as you can differentiate between the good and bad.

Betting Apps on Android

The relationship between gambling operators and Google has not always been a harmonious one. For a long time, real money betting apps were banned. That’s no loner the case, but even now many of the best betting apps on Android, which we list here, are still not found on the official store.

This isn’t a show stopper though. In most cases, it’s a case of getting the APK directly from the operator, and downloading and installing yourself.

Entry Level

Another reason why more people bet on Android than iOS is the cost of entry. There are so many Android phones at bargain prices, they are far more affordable than iPhones.

You don’t necessarily need a top end device to run the apps you want either. Some of the cheaper handsets perform just fine. As long as the app is well written, you’ll probably still get the performance you’re looking for.

So happy Birthday Android. Here’s to another decade of using you to bet on our phones!

Last Updated on April 27, 2020

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